Overview of the Department

The Business and Liberal Studies department is committed to production of knowledgeable and skilled personnel that fit in the global market through offering courses leading to award of Diploma and Craft Certificates in the various areas. Our doors are always open for all trainees seeking assistance and advice. The department will always endeavor to provide different alternatives towards various challenges facing trainees to enable them develop a variety of problem-solving skills and deeper understanding of issues.

Message from the HOD

I call on all my colleagues to continue embracing the open door and level headed approach they have maintained so far. To all trainees, the future is bright for the disciplined, resilient, and prayerful. All you have to do is believe that you can achieve great things, hold on to and work towards realizing that belief. I appreciate all parents/guardian and sponsors for their continued physical, moral and financial support to the trainees and I hope they will continue with the same spirit.

Ms. Emelda Olale

Business and Liberal Courses

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  Name Responsibilities
1 Emelda Olale HoD/Deputy Dean
2 Mr. Antone Churchill Trainer/Registrar
3 Agatha Odhiambo Trainer/Exam Officer
4 Mr. Stephen Oloo Trainer
5 Zoe 0golla Trainer/HoS Guidence
6 Emelda Olale Trainer/Deputy Dean
7 Mr. Zacheus Okoth Trainer